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For the love of crafting

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If you're reading this post, then I would first like to say a big thank you for visiting Trinket Cove! I started getting drawn to designing and crafting about 10 years ago, first starting with an interest in fashion design, where I would spend hours and hours pouring over fashion magazines and learning to sketch like the fashion illustrators do. My focus slowly shifted to jewellery and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole design process starting from inspiration, trial and error to crafting the final piece. Trinket Cove started in 2005 as a simple blogshop before I attended college, and just before online retail took the world by storm. It was a small establishment but it served as an avenue for us to reach out to customers looking for unique accessories that others did not have, or those looking to customize a gift for a special person or occasion. I have never received formal training in jewellery design but over the years, I have picked up various techniques from wire-wrapping to stitching and have also been deeply inspired by artists all around the world who are so experienced in their individual crafts. 

I have a regular day job and a deep passion (that i always jokingly call my "second career") in competitive ballroom dancing, leaving me with very little free time in a week. But the love for crafting keeps drawing me back and I would spend much of my free time on the bus or train thinking about new designs, excited to finally get down to making them when I get home. And that's how Trinket Cove as it is today came about - a place for me to share my passion for crafting, creating designs for the modern woman that are timeless and elegant. The pieces are versatile for work, dinners or the weekend and the quality materials we use ensure that they can maintain their shine and beauty for a long time.